LED Lighting and New Home Construction

LED lighting is helping to make our new home building projects more energy-efficient than ever before. As LED lighting options have become more abundant and?affordable?it is being utilized almost exclusively?throughout our new home building projects in a variety of applications. Whether selecting LED bulbs for lighting fixtures, LED bulb/trim inserts for recessed lighting, or LED … Read More

As Seen in “Maine Home and Design” Magazine

One of our recent projects has been featured in the Architecture issue of “Maine Home and Design Magazine.”?Please follow the following link to review the article. Architecture: By Design Construction: Greg Fitzpatrick, Custom Home Builder Structural Engineering: Becker Structural Engineers Landscape Architecture: Terrence J. DeWan & Associates Photography: Randolph Ashey?

A Cure for Thermal Bridging

We have utilized a number of strategies to combat thermal bridging, the heat loss/transfer that occurs through the connection between conditioned and unconditioned space?by framing lumber. A relatively new product that we have recently utilized is the ZIP R-Sheathing from Huber Wood the maker of Advantech floor/wall/roof sheathing.?ZIP R-Sheathing combines the popular ZIP System sheathing … Read More

Blower Door Test Update #2

A second blower door test was recently?conducted on our current new home construction?project. This test was done after the completion of the insulation installation to ensure that we had sealed the shell adequately.?Our initial test?result was 1.89 ACH/50 prior to air sealing and insulation completion.?The second test result was 1.62ACH/50. My first reaction was of … Read More